Sliced Invoices — WordPress Plug-in review

I have been doing consulting for many years. For the past few years my desktop of choice has been Mint Linux. Both my wife and I work almost exclusively on our Linux machines. I have been looking for a Linux friendly client contact and invoicing alternative for a while. I have been torn between writing my own solution vs finding and using an existing one.

One alternative I found is Sliced Invoices a WordPress Plug-in from Melbourne Australia that adds invoice related features to WordPress. Like most WordPress plugins, Sliced Invoices is opensource and free to use. There are a few paid extras that might be useful but the basic Sliced Invoices plugin does a lot.

Low-Cost Web Design and Hosting — My Prices for Bloggers and Small Businesses

Site Design Cost

responsive-design-400pxThe cost of launching or relaunching a website can can range from nearly free to thousands of dollars. Various things can legitimately add to the cost of developing a site. Custom graphics, message crafting and advertising assistance, and features such as on-line purchasing can be expensive.

That said, the days of the high-priced web site and needing a full time web-master are pretty much over. Basic site hosting and much of site design have become quite affordable. Not quite as easy as some advertising might make it look, but adding and updating site content does not require skills much beyond basic word processing. Here are the prices for some of the packages I offer.

Two Sites for Two Artists

Earlier this year two artists, whom I knew casually, asked me to help them design a new website for them. Actually two sites. Chris and Tom Higgins had been sharing a commercial artist site, and they wanted to have separate and more unique sites. Designing a site to represent artists and their work takes on a special focus. A website for an artist can enhance or diminish the appreciation of the work displayed. How the art is “hung” is important.

WordPress Aberration Lite Theme, who could ask for anything more?

aberationscreenshotx500The Aberration theme from Shaped Pixels of Vancouver, Canada is minimalist and elegant on the outside but has an 'everything but the kitchen sink' approach on the inside. The theme is billed as a Photographic and Personal Blogging theme. It could just as easily be the backbone for a business or magazine site.

This theme is one of the most configurable themes I have worked with. While most themes require some level of under the hood tweaks to get the look and functionality that is desired, this theme has so many choices in the customizer and widget space that it is likely the desired look will just require figuring out which 'button' to push.

Origami and Page Builder

Origamiscreenshot1 When designing the look for a website using WordPress, the first thing I do is see if I can find an existing theme that has most of what I want for a look. This is the starting point. Once I have a starting theme there is always some customization that is needed to get it just right. The closer I can get to the desired look and functionality using an existing theme, the quicker the project goes.